Cara Mengganti Lagu di PES 2016 | Patch PES Terbaru

Cara Mengganti Lagu di PES 2016

Urutan lagu untuk rename file adx

16000 00000000.hca IN HARMONY

16001 00000001.hca After the disco

16002 00000005.hca Ather Be

16012 0000000c.hca Love the past play future

16003 00000006.hca When We were Young

16004 00000002.hca Somebody New

16011 00000007.hca You 're on

16005 00000003.hca Lifted Up

16007 00000008.hca Figure It Out

16008 00000009.hca My Type

16010 0000000a.hca elevate

16009 0000000b.hca Shine On

10006 00000004.hca We wil rock you